Recruitment of Clinical and Administrative team members
Dental staff development
Hygiene productivity enhancement
Provider credentialing


Business plan development
Performance benchmarking
Data analysis
Revenue cycle management, including Accounts Receivable clean-up and billing/collection training
Insurance contract negotiation
Service fee optimization
HIPAA and OSHA compliance assessment and training

Organizational Growth

Group practice assessment, planning, and implementation
Legal structural set-up for group model
Acquisition process management, including evaluation assistance, contract negotiation, practice transition, and integration
Space planning, renovations, site selection, and de novo construction
CON preparation


Market research
Website development
Mobile site development
Patient relationship management partner assessment

We partner with you and your team to create customized systems, protocols, policies, and procedures that are documented and easy to manage for growth and profitability.

Admin Training

We work hand-in-hand with your administration team to establish the following:

Insurance Management
Accounts Receivable
Effective Scheduling
Co-payment Calculation
Co-payment Collection
Treatment Planning
Patient Retention Protocols
Verbal Skills Training
Internal Communication Skills
Implementation of Daily Metric Tracking
Staff Meetings and Huddles

Start Up Practices

We offer strategic coaching sessions to discuss the following:

Oversee Conception to Opening
Marketing Timeline
Coordinating Vendors
Insurance Participation
Team Hiring
Team Training
Administrative Support
Opening Day Support

Practice Transitions

We provide coaching, education, and support to help you navigate:

Customized Transitions Checklist
Establish Protocols and Systems
Due Diligence
New Practice Assessment
Transition Support
Navigate Team Introductions
Opening Day Support

Hygiene Productivity

Focused training and resources to boost hygiene productivity:

In-Office Seminars
Standard of Care
Perio Productivity
Utilization of Diagnostic Tools
Verbal Skills for Difficult Conversations
Time Management Training
Successful Case Acceptance

Clinical Consulting

Improve clinical standards in patient care:

In Office Seminars
Consistency in the Operatories
Verbal Skills
Creating Systems and Protocols for Patient Care
Standardized Tray Setups
Proper Operatory Turnover
Productive Patient Handoff

Strategic Planning

One-on-one strategy coaching with the dentist, focusing on:

Goal Setting and accountability
Short- and Long-Term Planning
Profit and Loss Analysis
Coaching and Effective Leadership

Meet Lynn Campbell

Leading through action, not position.


Precisely measuring future, status quo revenue streams of the company

Carefully planning and managing the reinvestment of free cash flows into net new revenue growth

Developing marketing and competitive strategy for the company’s marketing and sales campaigning

Developing senior management teams capable of taking the company to a new level of performance

Developing employee recruitment and retention programs allowing the company top talent

Implementing corrective action plans that align senior management in the pursuit of accomplishing the company’s financial goals

An accomplished operations executive with leading dental organizations since 2009, Lynn Campbell has worked both in the trenches with front-line office teams and with senior managers of large dental enterprises.
Lynn is recognized for transforming the productivity and profitability of dental operations by applying effective strategic planning and direction, M&A strategy and execution, business development, personnel recruitment and performance improvement plans, operational analytics, and systems implementation.
Lynn’s professional experience also includes formal leadership training incorporating contemporary management approaches, which has given him a keen understanding of the motivations, concerns, and aspirations of owners, managers, professionals, and staff throughout dental organizations. He brings positive energy to his engagements and coaching. Lynn aligns teams to help them effectively and profitably deliver quality care and service, and in so doing, achieve their professional and financial goals and objectives.

Lynn has in-depth knowledge of emerging trends, new business applications, valuation practices, and developments in the competitive landscape through his active working relationships with a network of complementary service providers and professional associations in the dental industry nationwide. This allows him to bring a current understanding of dental industry dynamics to his advisory practice.


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